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The Abrazo

Ultimate Cocktail Poncho


Outrageous Long Scarf

Apparel by Crane Day

Q-Poncho "Shining a New Light on an Ancient Tradition" truly captures Crane's approach to handwoven fashions for a modern era. Utilizing the time-honored garments of the native peoples of the American Southwest and Mexico as a starting point, Crane has employed luxurious 21st century fibers to create contemporary wearable art.
The rectangular Poncho and the triangular poncho known as the quechquemitl are the basis of Crane's luxurious Q-Poncho and his even more versatile Abrazo. Handwoven mohair fabric hand brushed on the loom has a fur-like finish while the lighter weight rayon version possesses a unique movement and grace. Both varieties are finished with the traditional fringe which guarantees the celebratory nature of all of Crane's work.
Ultimate Cocktail Poncho A theme of celebration runs through all of Crane's handwoven works of art, especially his Ultimate Cocktail Poncho, an extraordinary adaptation of the Native American Poncho. It was first created as a chasuble for religious services and awarded the First Place Award for Religious Art in America at the 1980 Forum on Religion, Art and Architecture in Washington D.C. This celebratory garment (one of which now resides in the Vatican Collections in Rome) has blossomed into a serious fashion statement for the secular world of the 21st Century.
The Outrageous Long Scarf is a fashion accessory for both men and women. These scarves are meant to be worn for display as well as warmth. They make a definite "announcement" of your presence in much the same way as the battle banners and shield patterns of certain historical periods visually announced an individual's identity.

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